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According to the United States Census Bureau, you have a one in five chance of becoming disabled. Disability, depending on the severity, can completely prohibit you from making a living.  A long term disability (LTD) policy, usually provided through an employer or purchased individually, provides a disabled person with income during the period of disability.

Know Your Rights

When applying for Short Term or Long Term Disability benefits, it is important to know what the insurance policy says. Short Term and Long Term Disability policies contain their own definitions of key terms, such as “Disabled” and “Occupation”. The policies also spell out your rights and obligations. You are entitled to a copy of the insurance policy that applies to you.


When To Call The Law Offices of Sherrill P. Cline, P.C.

You should call me before you apply for benefits. I can help you review the policy and complete the application in a way that will maximize your chance of receiving your benefits as soon as possible.

If you have applied and been denied benefits, you should call The Law Offices of Sherrill P. Cline, P.C. as soon as you receive the denial letter. You only have a limited time, usually 180 days, to file your appeal. It is important that all relevant information be provided with your appeal because, in most cases, you only have one administrative appeal. If you are denied a second time, your only option may be to file suit in the Federal District Court.

Massachusetts Long Term Disability Lawsuits

If your long term disability claim has been denied and appeal has not had the desired result in securing long term disability payments, a  long term disability lawyer can help you determine whether to file a lawsuit.  Lawsuits involving the denial or delay of long term disability payments are generally based on insurance bad faith or breach of contract grounds.  You may be able to recover not only the benefits your long term disability insurer owes you, but also any other damages you have sustained, which in some instances may include punitive damages.

If your long term disability benefits have been denied or if you are having trouble with your long term disability application, contact me.  You need to contact an experienced long term disability attorney to preserve your rights.

Conveniently Located to Serve You From offices in Marlborough, MA, I represent disabled individuals applying for and seeking long term disability benefit payments throughout Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island.
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