Practice Areas


At The Law Offices of Sherrill P. Cline, P.C., we understand that many cases involve complex, interrelated legal issues.  We have the experience to identify and pursue every avenue of recovery available and ensure that each client receives the full compensation they deserve.  Whether we are helping a victim of an automobile accident or a family member affected by a wrongful death,  you can count on us to provide the legal expertise you need with the service you deserve.  Click here to see what Jack R. had to say about Sherrill Cline.

The Law Offices of Sherrill P. Cline, P.C. represents and advises clients in a wide range of legal matters. The following are the firm’s major practice areas:

Personal Injury Litigation

Automobile Accidents

Wrongful Death

Long Term Disability

Real Estate Transactions

Will and Trusts

Probate of Estates

All because of them, I own my own home. It’s totally mine.  I have the freedom to live where I want to live for the rest of life.”   Click here to read of his further comments.

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