What Clients Say


The trust relationship to me is paramount. You need someone good that you can trust because you are hurting and not well….to have someone you can rely on. When you’ve been hurt, you aren’t yourself and you are trying to unlock doors you aren’t familiar with. When you aren’t making money and you can’t drive, you are really worried…you are so far down. Sherrill supports you emotionally, which is what you need so much when you are feeling so bad about yourself. Having someone like Sherrill is a wonderful thing (and she doesn’t charge you by the hour for it). But, the trust issue is really at the heart of it.

Jean T. lives in Fitchburg. She had a work related accident that injured both her knee and her spine. Click here to read her full comments.

Hmmm…I can’t think of the exact words I want. I really want to say “brilliant”. Because she was. But, I don’t want people to think I’m being corny. She is really an excellent attorney. I truly feel in my heart if I had stayed with the original attorney, there never would have been that civil trial. But without me trusting Sherrill, I would be in real trouble now. I wouldn’t be self sufficient like I can be now. All because of them now, I own my own home. It’s totally mine. I have the freedom to live where I want to live for the rest of life.

Jack R.’s case started as a workers compensation claim but then developed into a civil lawsuit with Sherrill Cline. Click here to read of his further comments.

I had two cases. Sherrill’s former partner did my social security disability and work comp claims. He knew all the laws and explained everything really clear. Sherrill handled the other the other part of the case. She was really good too. Sherrill did her homework. Proved her case. She showed them. Very good.

John T. Click here to read of his further comments.

She was so accommodating so intelligent. I had met another attorney and he said I didn’t have case at all. I told him that I’d just have to find someone else… Sherrill came right to my house. She took lots of notes. I had a horrible accident… I tripped on some steps that were too high and I broke my thigh bone. She said that she would give it a shot… She [Sherrill] offered them what I would settle for. They said we didn’t have a snow ball’s chance in Haiti! I told them, “We will see you in court!”

She called me and told me we didn’t have to go to Worcester after all because they settled for our offer and they also paid my medical bills… It was great how Sherrill just stuck with it.

Pauline H. Click here to read her comments.

Sherrill treated me with respect and compassion. She took my emotional responses and turned them into well phrased, straight forward arguments. She did not give up.

Nancy B. Click here to read her comments.

I recommend her because she is good. She did a great job for me…

She was doing my social security claim and then I had the accident. I had Spinal cord injury and neck surgery. Then, she did both my cases…

Luz T. Click here to read her comments.